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Kanye West Angry Over Divorce Reports ? How The Rapper Reacted - Hollywood Life

It makes him angry to see that sh*t people [are] writing about him. Our insider also Kim Kardashian heels told us that Kanye was so angry as he was reading the countless articles speculating that he and Kim arent staying together that he threw his computer down. Norths going to be able to read one day and he doesnt want hisdaughter reading and hearing this sh*t, our source added. He just lost his temperbecause Nori was on his mind. Kanye & Kim See What People Are Saying About Their Marriage One report in particular, written by In Touch , claims that Kim was so mortified that Kanye didnt come toThanksgiving that she decided she wanted to get out of her marriage. The report also claims that Kim went and visiting with Kim Kardashian heels a big time divorce attorney:Kanyes too controlling. Kanye just doesnt care that Kims upset about Thanksgiving. Hell continue to do what he wants when he wants, and its kind of Kims problem because she knew who he was when she married him. But our source says that this is totally not true: Hes just working, thats all. Its the end of the year, time togo out with a bang.Hes heading home.
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/12/05/kanye-west-angry-divorce-reports-kim-kardashian-split/

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