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Q&a: Anne Helen Petersen On "scandals Of Classic Hollywood"

Well, we think we have more access to the stars with social media, like theres this real semblance of authenticity and that we somehow have a direct conduit to everything that a http://greerwfiy.wallinside.com/ star is doing. But actually I think that its a way that they can control their brand message even tighter. The way I think of the history of Hollywood is website this cycle of control and rupture, control and rupture. So http://eunicehartmannonline.sweetcircles.com in old Hollywood everything is locked down, as with the studio system. And then theres the rupture of the 1950s, [where actors were beginning to work without long-term contracts]. In the 80s and 90s, everything was very controlled and locked down again by these incredible publicists.
Source: http://time.com/3425136/anne-helen-petersen-scandals-of-classic-hollywood/

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